Spicing things up… part 1

Here at Warda, Southgate’s favourite Lebanese restaurant, we pride ourselves on using the best and freshest ingredients available to give our customers an authentic experience of Lebanese cuisine. This can make our menu look a bit daunting to people not familiar with some of the ingredients we use, so we thought it would be useful […]


Lebanese dancing In the last Warda blog we talked about belly dancing and the incredible performances of our resident dancer Dinah, but belly dancing is traditionally a woman’s dancing style. The kind of traditional Lebanese dancing performed by men is very different, but just as impressive! Traditionally men and women would not have danced together, though mixed […]

Belly dancing at Warda

Belly dancing at Warda What could be better than enjoying traditional Levantine cuisine, expertly cooked, in comfortable surroundings? Well, nothing! Unless there was entertainment as well, of course. Here at Warda we provide the best food and most tasteful décor in Southgate, and we are also pleased to bring you traditional Middle-Eastern belly dancing, provided […]

It’s party time at Warda!

Finally, December is  here and we’re allowed to talk about Christmas! Given that around one-third of Lebanon’s population is Christian, it will come as no surprise that Christmas is a big deal there. With its culture of hospitality, Lebanon goes in for Christmas in a big way, with lots of parties, family gatherings and, of […]

Lebanese hospitality

The staff of Warda are very proud of the hospitality we offer the people of Southgate and the surrounding area, and why shouldn’t we be – there have been people in Lebanon for over seven thousand years, and the country is famous for the care and attention it shows its guests. We have quite a […]

Lebanese cuisine

You’re at work. It’s a slow Wednesday. Coffee isn’t helping. Your work-friend leans over your desk. ‘How’s it going?’ they ask.  ‘Oh, you know. Can’t wait for the weekend.’ ‘If you haven’t got plans, a few of us are going to Warda on Friday night. Have you been there? It’s in Southgate. It’s got a […]